Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Coursework Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Coursework - Essay Example Introduction The global financial have been experiencing a rapid growth in last two decades and considering the present scenario of the global market, it can be claimed the market is emerging with major developments. The globalization of financial market has been passing constant developments which have been led by the concept of globalization and internationalization. Globalization has influenced the entire human activities including their culture and life style. In case of the business, the globalization has led to bring significant improvement including the process of management. The thought process of managers and owners has changed as they have started to realize their responsibilities. On the other, with this internationalization of business, the entire global business is also suffering from complexities and intensified competition. However, in order to cope with these complexities and competition, the business organizations have also developed a number of effective tools and t echniques. In the same manner, the global financial markets have also emerged as an important and developed industry. Finance always has been a vital area for the every individual and institution. With the increasing the globalization of business, the necessity of financial services has also been frequently. The global the financial institutions and companies have realized the underlying opportunities in global platform and they keep expanding their market. In this course of development in the global financial markets, there are certain influencing factors. This paper will attempt to discuss important aspects of international financial markets which have led to bring such development. The overall discussion will be presented in four major sections followed by a concluding remark. The first will address the role of financial deregulation and capital control in international diversification. The next section will offer s discussion the two major drivers of financial i.e. technology an d innovation in global financial market and it will be followed by a description and mechanism of carry trade strategy. Finally, the influence of international capital market on share price and cost of capital will be explained followed by an overall conclusion. 2. Role of Financial Deregulation and Capital Control on Financial Globalization and International Diversification 2.1. Concept of Financial Deregulation and Capital Control The importance of the financial deregulation has started to rise with increasing opportunities in the global market place. Financial deregulation can be referred as abolishment of restrictive laws that often cause barriers for the financial institutions. Financial deregulations are important and similar as the free trade policies. Both, the financial deregulation and free trade policy strive to bring development in the market by increasing competition Hope and Maeleng have defined the free trade policies as â€Å"competitor-enhancing device† as it is meant to discard the unnecessary restriction and barriers by offer

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