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E-Commerce and ICT

Question: Discuss about the E-Commerce and ICT. Answer: Introduction The report shows an analysis of the ecommerce activities of the company GENPACT. The company utilizes Information and Communication technology for supporting their business operations. The various information and digitalized tools like cloud server, big data automation using robotics, virtual data warehousing, and intelligence augmentation that are used in GENPACT ltd is pointed out in the report ( 2016). The report has shown some issues that were caused in the BPO operations of GENPACT ltd in their e-commerce operations. The report has a recommendation part where some suggestions for improvement were analyzed. Brief Overview of business giant: GENPACT Ltd GENPACT Ltd. symbolizes generating business impact and it is a global leader for the electronic business management and services. GENPACT Ltd. provides post sales supporting services to the customers with the use of its life cycle management capabilities (Gong and Moller 2012). The company is accustomed to support the entire cycle for the service operations. The service operations range from the service planning to the process of providing service helpdesk and completion. GENPACT Ltd. has developed the product and technical solutions since the last 17 years with designing, operating and transforming the remote multi language and multi channel services to its customers ( 2016). The services of GENPACT Ltd. are enhanced by the use of lean Six Sigma, cross functional operations, and analytics designing. Figure 1: Logo of GENPACT (Source: 2016) The company is known for its superior technical, contract management, customer relationship, logistics management, business management, and reporting analytics. The demography of the developing and emerging nations has impact on the demands, intellectual capital, buying capacity, and talent supply for the company. The finance director of Europe and GENPACT Ltd. has been working together for achieving the long term objectives of the company. According to Karnik (2012), Accenture Ltd, Experian Plc, Iron Mountain Inc, URS Corp, and Aecom Technology Corp are some of the competitors of GENPACT Ltd. Figure 2: Comparison of different companies on the basis of market (Source: 2016) Utilization of ICT in e-commercial activities of GENPACT Ltd GENPACT Ltd is prone to provide services for banking, financial, capital markets, insurance, consumer goods, and CFOs. Rapid Automation by robotics GENPACT Ltd utilizes Robotics knowledge for rapid automation. It helps in automatic dual entry of data that has been manual entered in the data system of the company. The automation can be useful for carrying out the simple rule based work and forward them for the approval. The integrated virtual system helps GENPACT ltd for the transfer of the data between the systems effectively instead of the complex IT interface (Ragavan et al. 2014). The response of the data is supported by the automatic extraction and report of the queries in a simple way. Lean Digital Approach Figure 3: Lean Digital thinking in GENPACT (Source: 2016) The surge of the transformation of the digitalization has resulted in adopting models for operations in GENPACT Ltd. GENPACT Ltd has combination of classic and cutting edge processes for the modern advancement. The company utilizes the advanced processes for the central digital technology. Cloud Server: GENPACT Ltd uses cloud server for easing the access of the required data at any point of time. It helps in achieving mobility to the data access. The company has installed SAAS for increasing their performance and business operations. According to Kwon et al. (2014), the multiple versions of SAP and QAD have provided the company scope for global processes for credit and collection. Virtual Data warehousing: GENPACT Ltd utilizes the virtual data warehousing for achievement of round the clock data storage and improved volume handling of data. It provides scalability to the data storage. Intelligence augmentation: GENPACT Ltd needs a straight and through processing for all of their operations (Carmien 2016). It can be achieved by utilizing the concept of intelligence augmentation that allows the company for automatically entering the inputs from the source systems to the required target systems. Cognitive Computing: GENPACT Ltd required some modeling of their strategies for the innovative structure of the system. They implemented Cognitive computing system in their functional operations. It uses data mining, natural language processes, and recognition of patterns for mimicking the work of human brain to develop models for different strategies. Security Model: GENPACT Ltd uses Security Information Event Management (SIEM) tool for boosting their security management and acquired NIDS or network intrusion and detection system in their operations (Stark et al. 2014). The system of NIDS was very reactive for the detection of intrusion and it performed real time monitoring for all the activities of the company. Figure 4: Salary Index with IT impact on GENPACT (Source: 2016) Analysis of initial problems of implementing E-commerce in GENPACT Ltd GENPACT Ltd faced the problem during their transition to the e-commercial operations and implementing the information and communication technological tools. During the implementation of the NIDS in their system, GENPACT Ltd faced some issues like dealing with the volume of the data stored and security lax of companys data. The corporate information required to deal with the alerts of the volume of data (Barrett 2015). It became impossible for the company to deal with the overwhelming alerts from the console of the system. The real time identification and monitoring lagged a lot because of this problem. The limited scope of the tools and technology caused the minimum generation of revenue and hence, they faced some initial losses (Barrett 2015). The critical decisions of the company and essential operations were hindered due to lack of complete system of GENPACT Ltd. The company was initially not benefited much by the e-commerce applications and the system was being used reluctantly. It lacked the need of single console on which the all the operations could have been done efficiently. Hence, there was a downfall in production and conflicts among the operational systems. Advantages of combining E-commerce and ICT by GENPACT Ltd The advantages of ICT and E commerce for GENPACT Ltd can be classified as: In communication: GENPACT Ltd has improved their communication at firm level by utilizing the ICT technology. The cloud server provides scope for easy communication and system management (Filipova 2015). The intranet facility of the cloud server helps in establishing the communication within the company effectively. Reduction of the cost of transaction: GENPACT Ltd has implemented the cognitive computing system and it has helped in reducing the cost for transaction (Filipova 2015). Using the e-commerce system, various transactions have been done easily and without any additional cost with the use of payment platforms. Context with B2C: E-commerce and ICT have made it possible for dealing with the customers more effective. The website provides platform for establishing easy deals with the customers for GENPACT Ltd. Various services can be provided to the customers with the help of ICT tools. Figure 5: Revenue Growth of GENPACT with E-commerce (Source: 2016) Recommendations The company GENPACT Ltd can be benefited by the complete and secure operations with the help of ICT in their e-commerce. Installation of Automated System: GENPACT Ltd would be really benefited by the use of an automated system for performing all the real time operations of the company on a single console. Security Improvement: GENPACT Ltd would be able to protect its data by enhancing the security from the network base attacks. Encryption, Authorization and Firewall are some of the security steps that the company can use for protecting its data and making it secure. Conclusion The report has outlined the application of e-commerce on the business operations of the GENPACT Ltd. The impact of ICT technology and its various tools provide scope for developing new strategies for the business operations. Automation, Cloud based server, Cognitive computation, and intelligence augmentation are some of the ICT implementations in the company. E-commerce and ICT have provided advantages like time management, cost reduction, and easy customer services for GENPACT Ltd. References Barrett, M., 2015. A radically new market environment requires comprehensive data-driven digital collateral management.Journal of Securities Operations Custody,7(2), pp.139-143. Carmien, S., 2016. Assistive Technology Design for Intelligence Augmentation.Synthesis Lectures on Assistive, Rehabilitative, and Health-preserving Technologies,5(2), pp.i-171. Filipova, N., 2015. Factors for success of the business process as a service model. Genpact. (2016).Technology Impact | Genpact. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Jul. 2016]. (2016). [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Jul. 2016]. (2016).Bpaas, Business Process as a Service Outsourcing, 2 Tier ERP | [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Jul. 2016]. 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