Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Abstract – Analysis

After Jobs' death (201 1), the video of his speech turned on the internet, gaining millions of views. On Twitter and Backbone, people quoted pieces of the speech, and one of the cost highly circulated quotes was his last line: â€Å"Stay hungry, stay foolish. â€Å". Steve Jobs' powerful speech consisted of three stories from his life. The first story, which he calls â€Å"connecting the dots†, touches upon his early life and how it all affected the inception and development of his company and career.The second story, about â€Å"love and loss†, reveals how he pursued what he loved, and the twists and turns in that pursuit, and his eventual success and attainment of happiness (American dream). The third story he speaks about relates his feelings of being at the end of the road, and how facing death every day inspired him to work and live as if it were his last day (Carper diem theme).This speech is more Interesting because It is full of rhetorical, philosophical messa ges and figures, there are the recurring themes of birth, death, rebirth, love, and determination. Indubitably, Jobs has struck a core with the American Dream: â€Å"Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith. † and â€Å"Don't settle. † , a few of his aphorisms for the young students are determined to Join the workforce, pursue their livelihoods, start their families, and achieve their â€Å"Dream†.While It may seem plausible and appealing to â€Å"stay hungry, stay foolish† for one person, It may seem unreasonable and Inauspicious to another. The reference about the â€Å"Instinct† that for Jobs prevails over the â€Å"reason† creates divergent opinions as also the history has shown through the thinking of some philosophers Like B. Pascal, S. Segregated, F. Nietzsche or rationalist philosophers Like D. Home or R. Descartes. Finally, there are many other Ideas and Items that come out of this discourse, where the path os always wins the audience.

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