Sunday, November 3, 2019

Hiring Police Academy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Hiring Police Academy - Essay Example Here, it is the danger that creates a bond among all the officers alike because there are no barriers of race or class. At the Academy, they live as one great community by overcoming racial and caste differences while sharing rich experiences. The job of police personnel in the Academy is unique because it gives them an identity of great importance. Training at the Police Academy though strenuous, does give one the impression that it is a very well – disciplined organization that transforms its recruits into highly trained professionals. Trainees learn the different military commands and violations are strictly punished while efficiency is well rewarded. Trainees do not possess police powers nor are they allowed possession of a gun, but after their training they are allowed to do these things. Ethics (chap.5) by Crank and Caldero (2004) is one of the most important and popular subjects in the criminal justice system which goes to prove that ethical values have to be inculcated into police officers regime for more favorable and respectable outcomes. Screening recruits on the basis of knowledge and values has become a priority when choosing people before imparting training. Pre- hiring procedures include Knowledge testing, physical fitness and agility, background, psychological testing besides a polygraph and oral interview.

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